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The Money Drain
How Trade Misinvoicing and Unjust Debt
Undermine Economic and Social Rights in Southern Africa

Twenty-five years after the end of apartheid, the
whole Southern African region, i.e. the 16 states that
now make up the Southern African Development
Community (SADC),1 is largely free from political
subjugation by foreign powers. However, the region
continues to endure certain forms of economic
domination. This is because the international
economic order remains blatantly biased against the
interests of SADC countries (and other countries of
the Global South).

It is true that Southern African governments bear the
principal responsibility for failing to protect and
empower their citizens. Yet, as a result of a range of
unjust policies and practices, countries of the Global
North,2 along with certain multilateral institutions,
must also take considerable blame for these failings.

An ACTSA Briefing Paper

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Submission by Civil Society Organisations to the Justice and Correctional Services Portfolio Committee of the National Assembly

Removal from office of the Public Protector

This submission has been prepared by a group of diverse South African civil society organisations, representing a broad range of citizens and interests.  The names of the organisations are set out on the last page of this submission  –  it will be noted that political parties or organisations are not included in this group.

We are making this submission as a result of several recent court judgments on the activities of the Public Protector, Ms Busisiwe Mkhwebane, which have demonstrated, beyond any doubt, that she is unfit for office and unable to fulfil the office’s defined functions in a lawful manner.  If she is not removed from office, we are gravely concerned at the potential further damage that will be inflicted on South Africa.

As a result, we are convinced that she has to be removed from office and that Parliament must take the necessary measures that are laid down in the Constitution for such a step.  This submission sets out the grounds for our conviction in this regard, as well as a proposal for the process to be followed by the Portfolio Committee on Justice & Correctional Services.

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